About Us

"If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid."

Our Philosophy at Masterpiece Academy

We believe all students can learn. 

God has uniquely created each of our children and we must honor who they are. We cannot change them; we must nurture and encourage them to grow into the best versions of themselves. Our children rely on us to guide and lead them through the challenges of life and celebrate with them when they are successful. We believe success breeds success. When a child gets a taste of success, they yearn for more. Yes, we all have areas to grow and areas we already glow in. We can nurture both areas of our life. Our children need to learn how to collaborate with others, think creatively, persist through challenges, navigate technology, research areas of curiosity, explore new ideas, and extended grace and love to others. It is our greatest joy to be able to bring you Masterpiece Academy. Thank you for the opportunity to lead, nurture, and inspire your child.

Meet Hannah Holguin

Owner & Director of Masterpiece Academy

Hannah Holguin graduated from Wayne State College in 2013 with a Bachelor's in Secondary Math Education. In 2015, she received her Master's in Mathematics. In 2020, she received her English Language Learners instructional endorsement. Her education has shaped her philosophy as a teacher, but it was within her experience in the classroom that she found her heart's greatest passion.

She spent nine years in public education (Bryan Middle School, Omaha South High School and Thomas Jefferson High School). She opened Masterpiece Academy in August of 2022. She has also taught for a number of years as an Adjunct Professor with Metropolitan Community College. She finds great delight in all learners overcoming challenges, finding their passion, and celebrating every success (big and small!).

Hannah's Awards and Recognitions

Meet Our Instructional Team!

Mrs. Stacy Rulla

Certified Spanish Teacher

Mrs. Vanessa Carrison

Teacher Assistant

Mrs. Kristi Diffendaffer

Substitute Teacher

Mrs. Pam Guillory

Substitute Teacher