As student needs change and passions grow, we want to be responsive to who they are and what they need. We will evolve and refine our practices to give students the most fruitful, educational experience possible.

Preparatory Band 

Grades: K-2

Children in this group need the space to explore and inquire. This age group is seeking opportunities to be independent, while also expressing interests and passions that are uniquely there own. Through the use of play, technology, reading, exploring, and creating our students will be able to tap into their strengths while also spend time strengthening their areas of growth. Children are natural learners, the classroom culture should foster this natural inquisitiveness while also challenging them to go further.

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Primary Band

Grades: 3-5

Children at this stage are likely to be reading, but we know each child progresses differently. Before a student leaves through group, we would want to ensure they are reading with confidence. This group will continue to play, inquire and explore but through more structured activities. They will learn to work cooperatively and collaboratively with others towards a common goal. They will also have unstructured inquiry time to tap into areas of personal interest and enjoyment. Learning does not have to be serious. Let's learn, play and explore together.

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Middle Level Band 

For 6-8th grade

Our preteens are striving for independence and seeking their identity. It can be a confusing time with the influx of hormones and emotions. However, these are our budding leaders. At this stage, they are the role models for our younger groups. Our middle group will start exploring post-secondary goals and dreams. During this time, our exploring and play time looks like what a traditional middle school would refer to as electives or enrichment. We want to add value to their day by allowing them to explore topics of interest. These electives are student-decided and driven. We want to personalize the courses and learning opportunities to suit their needs. Additionally, we start exploring the idea of credits towards graduation. If a student is ready, we can start high school level courses to work towards early graduation.

Secondary Band

For  9th-12th grade

Teenagers in this group are thinking beyond today and exploring what is to come. We want to give them the space to explore opportunities, work a job, intern, enrich their course load with relevant elective courses, and dual enroll with Metropolitan Community College. Ultimately if students finish their HS course load, then let's empower them to start looking beyond high school. We will equip, empower, and challenge them to dream big dreams.